Are gold watches expensive?

On average, a solid gold watch will cost several times more than an identical stainless steel one, and a platinum model will cost 15% to 100% more than the same 18K gold model. First, the production numbers of gold watches are usually much lower than those for the production of steel watches. According to basic manufacturing principles, the larger the quantities of a manufactured product, the lower the unit price. Because of this, manufacturers tend to get a higher manufacturing cost for gold watches.

Gold watches come with a number of advantages. Increased longevity, resale value, exclusive distinctions, heightened pride and higher status are the benefits of buying luxury gold watches. This is the reason why modern people prefer to buy these elegant watches. If you want to take advantage of all these advantages, consult a reputable establishment dedicated to gold watches.

Before long, you may have your hands on a distinctive piece of your dreams. A little different from other gold watches on the market, the design of the Audemars Piguet Tourbillon Extra model stands out with its intricate features. Its housing is almost bionic, giving a small Star Wars reference to the C-3PO. With an 18-carat gold case, a sapphire crystal and back with anti-reflective treatment and a water resistance of up to 20 m, Audemars Piguet has maintained the precision and reliability of its brand with this watch.

The silver tourbillon movement, the open movement, the power reserve at the rear and the differential power reserve also add to the extensive features of the Audemars Piguet creation. The silver studs on the dial frame combine very well with gold, offering a more dimensional look. The numbers on this watch are one of its most unique visual features. Bold and vivid, the black, ivory and gold color scheme works well for the Cartier Calibre De Cartier, which is undoubtedly influenced by decades that have passed.

Described by the company as refined, the De Cartier calibre is larger and made of 18 karat pink gold. With a unique style with a masculine touch, this watch is perfect for an elegant outfit. Recommended for night out, the Calibre De Cartier also features sword-shaped hands in black oxidized steel with luminescent coating. The partially spiral silver opal dial is also a nice touch.

A little more delicate than our other picks, Chopard has mixed rose gold with yellow gold in the L, U, C 1937 Classic. A fun combination, the overall look of the L, U, C 1937 Classic can be described as traditional with a twist. The wristwatch also has a sunray silver dial with applied rhodium Roman numerals and a transferred minute hand. A great choice for those looking for something a little more conservative, Chopard's L, U, C 1937 Classic is perfect, as it's simple and dateless.

Rolex manufactures watches in real gold, using only 18 carat gold. They even have an in-house foundry where they manufacture their own gold, using carefully protected techniques and formulas, to ensure that all materials meet Rolex's exceptionally high standard. For watches that are not made of solid gold, it makes no sense to make a watch in white gold tone. Gold watches are also starting to keep pace in the secondary market, as the growing demand for steel models of the big three Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Patek Philippe creates shortages.

The center of the dial has a charming pattern that helps make it more interesting, and around the dial, it has thin gold metal hour markers applied like Roman numerals. All in all, it's a racing-inspired sports watch that has a gold case, but it's not perceived as too elegant because it has a satin-finished case and bezel. Now, with some brands, such as Rolex, where demand is huge, gold watches also tend to sell quite quickly, but because they are more specialized and because they are more expensive, they tend to sell more slowly compared to steel. From the time they buy gold until the watch is sold, watch brands don't make money.

And with that equation, the fact is that you get more value for money when you buy a gold watch, since real gold has value, unlike steel watches. In fact, it's not completely uncommon for brands to increase the price of their gold watches as a result of rising gold prices in the market. This model also plays with a striped design, with its formation lines in vertical and horizontal stripes to show high quality gold. If you've been looking at different watches online, you've probably found that the price difference between a steel watch and the same model made in gold is huge.

The good news is that, even if you don't buy a solid gold watch, many watch brands have started making gold watches in rose gold to meet market demands. The Bambino Gen2 version 2 is equipped with the automatic calibre F6722, and this is part of the reason it is so popular with watch enthusiasts. In addition, manufacturing gold watches can also be more complicated than manufacturing steel watches, with possible additional steps needed in finishing. However, the highlight of this watch is its open heart design at 12 o'clock, which is essentially a cutout of the dial, allowing you to see the Swiss automatic inside.

When you spend a lot more for a gold watch compared to a steel watch, most people also want to feel like they are wearing and owning something really special. These reasons do not logically explain the price difference, but it is part of the reason that it gives a more accurate picture of the prices of gold watches. . .

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