Are gold watches out of style?

Gold watches are an investment; they will never lose their value. The truth is that genuine gold watches are by no means tacky and, in fact, they are all the rage in today's fashion world. Demand for gold watches is always high, and with a wide variety of gold watches in terms of carats and gold colors, it makes sense that the demand for gold watches is at an all-time high. Think of them as the Gordon Gekkos of the Swiss watch industry, defamed as symbols of excess in the style of the eighties.

For years now, gold watches have played a secondary role to more practical steel sports models, whose demand has continued to increase even in the midst of the pandemic. Most people think that a gold or gold-plated watch can be fragile. Gold is a malleable and ductile metal. Therefore, watches made of this yellow metal can wear out quickly.

However, that is not the case. Popular brands take great care when making these elegant watches. They use the latest techniques to create watches that should last for years. Once purchased, you can enjoy the company of your watch for a lifetime.

It's also important to note that gold comes in different colors, white gold is like steel, yellow gold is fine, traditional gold color, and rose, red, or rose gold is gold that has been mixed with copper, giving it a reddish hue. Gold watches divide opinion, with some people believing them to be tacky and too flashy and others seeing them as elegant and a sign of expensive taste. In fact, it wasn't until long after Paul Newman put on one for the first time that the world realized and finally appreciated the unique beauty of this watch. Although you can find Day-Date watches in all three gold colors (yellow, white and pink), it is the classic 18k yellow gold models that are the most emblematic of this iconic gold Rolex watch.

And with a good range of elegant gold watches you could invest in, such as the Rolex, Omega or Cartier, you'll always have a safe investment option that will allow you to get the most out of your money. The Rolex Day-Date President is the brand's flagship collection and, as such, has only been made of precious metals, either 18K solid gold or 950 platinum. However, despite the stigma imposed on them, these watches seem to be as popular as ever. For example, the first documented example of yellow gold jewelry in Europe is more than 6,600 years old.

It's also worth knowing that many brands have their own proprietary golds, such as Sedna (Omega), King Gold (Hublot) or Everose (Rolex). Watches with thin gold bezels and tan or dark brown straps can look elegant without deliberately drawing too much attention to the gold component. Whether the current trend favors traditional designs or contemporary looks, these watches give you style every time. It's impossible to create this list without the yellow gold Rolex Submariner, one of the most striking gold watches in the brand's entire collection.

Perhaps best known as a vintage watch, and definitely in stainless steel, the Rolex Daytona is the epitome of a luxury sports watch with a series of dials and details that make both modern and vintage models worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even more (if you're lucky).

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