Are watches made of real gold?

Technically, a watch can only be considered a gold watch if the case is made of solid gold. However, you can also count watches in a lower price range, as their cases are made of stainless steel that is then coated in gold. A gold watch is almost always produced from a metal alloy. Real solid gold watches tend to come from the most elite watchmakers because of the cost of the material.

It's a precious metal that looks incredibly luxurious, but it's very expensive and harder to work with because it's a softer metal. As such, most “gold watches” are gold or gold plated to keep the cost more affordable. To conclude the answer to the question, yes, Rolex watches are made of real gold. Rolex does not use any “fake gold”, but only uses 18 karat gold and manufactures its own alloys in-house in its own foundries.

Rolex has worked hard and consistently to develop gold that will not tarnish or change its appearance over time, and by gaining full control over the gold manufacturing process, Rolex has been able to do just that. The new and improved automatic movement makes this watch stand out for those looking for a model that is still of quality. Of course, it's for anyone who appreciates this widely recognized men's real gold sports chronograph watch. This leads to different “carats” of gold, which refers to the amount of the portion of gold found in the watch.

However, once again, because gold is a softer metal and more prone to scratches, it's rare for you to find 24-carat gold watches or jewelry. However, genuine gold watches may be the right choice for you looking for watches that represent success, luxury and luck. In addition, gold-plated watches have very intricate case designs and some gold is placed in the available spaces between the contours of the delineation to give it a more natural look. If you're looking for something that has a touch of gold present and therefore doesn't have an unattainable price tag, then gold-wrapped watches should be the impeccable choice.

As a result, Rolex has been able to greatly improve quality control and even get its research teams to improve the base materials used in its watches. Gold-wrapped watches have a value that is lower than gold-plated watches because they essentially undergo a coarse-grained gold leaf treatment and the amount of gold that is ultimately deposited is quite smaller. In addition, because gold-plated watches can be purchased fresh on the market or be a transformed antique watch, the style may vary. As such, this manufacturer's precious watches are also prone to being imitated and counterfeited on a large scale.

Since Rolex only satisfies with perfection, Rolex did not satisfy the standard rose gold that was on the market, for use in its watches. Well-known manufacturers of solid gold watches include Gucci, Rado, Hublot, Omega and Longines La Grande. Today, Rolex manufactures different types of real gold in its foundry, such as white gold, yellow gold, Everest gold and, of course, Rolesor, which is a combination of gold and steel.

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