Does a gold watch go with everything?

When a watch has a metal strap, it can go well with brown or black shoes. Silver watches go best with clothes and shoes in black, gray and blue tones.

Gold watches

go best with browns, beiges, bronzes and other earth tones. Many people recommend that wearing formal attire with a gold watch is the most ideal approach.

After all, a gold watch is a piece of affirmation. You wouldn't have any desire to wear casual shorts and a shirt with something so ostentatious. Gold watches work best and look extraordinary on occasions and social issues, so don't wear them constantly. However, with the best quality gold watches, you can wear the gold watch with anything effortlessly.

Although some may not mind, gold is a high-end material, so clothing should be the same. We know that some gold watches are sporty, like some divers, however, these watches won't look as good with shorts and a polo shirt as they do with a suit. An oversized watch dulls your wrist, deflects the extension of your entire outfit, and basically doesn't fit well into a pleasantly blended outfit. You wouldn't appear at a conference in sneakers or wear a larger than average military watch that comes out of your business shirt.

Diver's watch: This type of watch was originally used as a tool or work watch, and is designed for diving underwater thanks to its high water resistance of 100 m or less. Assuming you need to wear a gold watch with the sleeves rolled up, you should wear the sleeves up to your elbow. The most important thing to consider once you have chosen to wear a gold watch is to dress well, especially for the watch. Diver's watches are medium in size, bold, and for the most part, made of corrosion-resistant metals, such as stainless steel.

A key thing to know about gold is that it is a material that feels slightly soft compared to other metals. Whatever the event, dress well according to the type of event and dress code, and also highlight the watch. It's also worth knowing that many brands have their own proprietary golds, such as Sedna (Omega), King Gold (Hublot) or Everose (Rolex). If so much brilliance isn't your thing, but you still want the feeling of luxury that only comes with a watch made of a large amount of precious metal, consider white gold, such as the white gold Rolex Skydweller.

Slim men can work with thin watches, while larger men can wear watches with more robust and robust watch faces. In the same way, it is easier to combine if you have white gold with silver and rose gold with other types of accessories. The metal case of the watch (the frame around the dial) should complement the metal details of your other accessories. In addition, an excessive amount of colors in your dresses, combined with a radiant gold watch, look spoiled.

In addition, we recommend sticking to gold pieces of the same color, and if you need to mix gold tones, do not overlap one tone twice.

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