Does rolex do gold plated watches?

So now you know about gold-plated Rolexes, yes, they exist. To conclude, the answer to the question, yes, Rolex watches are made of real gold. Rolex does not use “fake” gold, but only uses 18-carat gold and manufactures its own alloys in its own foundries. Rolex has worked hard and steadily to develop gold that doesn't tarnish or change its appearance over time, and by gaining full control of the gold manufacturing process, Rolex has been able to do just that.

When it comes to luxury watches, Rolex is a name that people all over the world recognize. The reason is simple: Rolex has been manufacturing watches since 1905 and many knew it better because of its automatic winding mechanism with a perpetual rotor. In addition, Rolex was the first to produce a water-resistant wristwatch. No matter where you go, climb the highest mountain or explore the deepest reaches of the sea, Rolex has it all.

However, it's not just about the explorer, the businessman looking to add a touch of class to his look can easily do so by wearing a gold Rolex watch. Thanks to the different styles, designs and characteristics of watches on the market, finding the perfect watch has never been easier. There is a gold wristwatch for every style. Gold plating is different from solid gold, but the watch's look is still elegant.

If you're looking for a new accessory, explore this selection of Rolex wristwatches with a gold case. With traditional styles, these Rolex watches are versatile accessories that you can wear whether you're enjoying a day at home or a night on the town. Gold-plated covers are easy to polish, so your new favorite accessory will keep its shine. They are built with tarnish-resistant designs, which will keep them in perfect condition for many seasons.

Here, 18-carat yellow, white or Everose gold is created, cast and molded according to the strictest quality criteria to guarantee an incomparable and attractive shine to the cases and bracelets of Rolex watches. Some of the well-known manufacturers of solid gold watches include Gucci, Rado, Hublot, Omega and Longines La Grande. While the process of assembling a watch is extremely important, the materials from which a Rolex watch is made are extremely important. Rose gold (also known as Everest gold in Rolex terminology) uses copper, the only chemical element in the red metal.

Of course, this is not ideal for a watch and, therefore, Rolex put its research and development teams and founders to work and began looking for a solution. As the name of the watch means, gold-plated watches are those that have a thin layer of gold electrochemically bonded through their outer surface and the metal used may be of a different quality depending on the budget that the customer is willing to dedicate. We have mentioned bicolor before, but bicolor is a combination of stainless steel and gold. Nowadays, Rolex manufactures different types of real gold in its foundry, such as white gold, yellow gold, Everest gold and, of course, Rolessor, which is a combination of gold and steel.

A problem with gold for watches is that gold is a soft, dense and inert element, and the problem is that when used for a watch, the soft material tends to cause it to lose its original shine quite quickly, the gold bracelet starts to ring and the gold material gets a lot of scratches and dents (if you don't work with be careful, of course). Because they are slightly less expensive compared to solid gold watches and more attractive when compared to gold-plated watches, gold-wrapped watches will provide you with a greater range of use. Validated by extensive crash tests and laboratory measurements, it improves the shock resistance of Rolex watches by up to 50 percent. This unique test of chronometric precision pushes the limits of performance and makes Rolex the benchmark for excellence in mechanical watches.

It was in the early 2000s when Rolex developed its own foundry because, before, the manufacture of gold for its watches was carried out externally. Rolex watches have proven their worth from the start in the most extreme conditions imaginable, from the depths of the deepest oceans to the highest mountain peaks, in the air and on the racetrack. . .

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