How much does a gold rolex link weigh?

Gold watches are heavy, but not all the weight can be traced back to the shiny precious metal. Components such as sapphire crystal, dial or caliber should, of course, be excluded from the equation, although François-Paul Journe would disagree with the latter. In a solid gold Rolex, the case and its back, the bracelet and the bezel are therefore the most important components. And when it comes to gold, Rolex has invested a lot of resources in developing gold so that it has the characteristics you are looking for.

All luxury watch brands charge a significant premium for their gold watches, and even wedding rings are much more expensive than the real value of metal. While many other brands use gold plating and gold caps, Rolex only manufactures its gold parts in solid gold. However, the difference of almost 30,000 EUR between the value of the material and the current list price of a Gold Day-Date is surprising. At the end of the day, all that counts is what the customer is willing to pay, and in the case of gold Rolex watches, that's quite a lot.

In the two-tone models, there is an average of 15-23 grams of 18K gold in total with all the original links on the bracelet. I really like the Rolex brand watch, but I don't have the money to buy it because it has a higher price ????☹️. The parts of a Rolex watch that contain the most gold are the case and bracelet, and this is something you will notice when you put a full gold Rolex watch on your wrist. Also crucial is the indication “18 carats”, which refers to the actual gold content of the final gold alloy.

When you look back in time, if you had bought one in the previous days and then compared it to today's gold prices, you could sell the watch solely for its gold value and still not lose money. Most Rolex watches are made of stainless steel, but a full gold Rolex watch makes the watch even more unique and gives it considerable weight. On the other hand, things like the safe transport of gold and the storage of gold are two logistical challenges that complicate things with gold. Rolex is known to have its own in-house foundry, where the brand exclusively melts 18-carat yellow, white and Everose gold alloys with the help of experienced casters.

When you look at the old Rolex watches with yellow gold, you will see that some of the white gold pats have turned yellow. And of course, the price increases dramatically when you switch from stainless steel to full gold. For example, a full gold Rolex Sky-Dweller weighs considerably more than a full gold Rolex Day-Date.

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