Is gold color watch good?

What if your cash flow isn't as resilient? Look for a watch that sparkles in gold but doesn't necessarily contain as much (if any). In the old days, this was generally known as gold plating, as the term suggests, a process by which gold was bonded to a less precious metal, usually stainless steel. Prone to wear and therefore unlikely to fool the eye for long, more recently a gold-on-metal PVD coating process has almost completely replaced plating, ensuring a much more durable and robust appearance. The real news, however, is that gold watches are currently a hot trend.

So as long as you're not a retailer of old watches trying to pass them off as real 18 carats, wear it with pride and with the satisfaction that it hasn't cost you the land. But with that said, yellow gold is the most classic precious metal ever used in watches. When most people think of a gold watch, they usually think of a yellow gold watch, not a rose gold watch. Think of presidents, a retirement watch or a watch given as a gift to celebrate x years in a company, the reference metal is yellow gold.

Therefore, if you want a classic luxury watch that is instantly associated with elegance, class and luxury, yellow gold is the best choice. Yellow gold is simply the material that is most associated with prestige. It's also important to note that gold comes in different colors, white gold is like steel, yellow gold is fine, traditional gold color, and rose, red, or rose gold is gold that has been mixed with copper, giving it a reddish hue. In addition, because gold is a relatively rare material compared to other metals, it has always been seen as something exclusive and coveted.

While it's entirely up to you what you decide, yellow gold tends to look best on olive, tan, and dark skin tones. And with a good range of elegant gold watches you could invest in, such as the Rolex, Omega or Cartier, you'll always have a safe investment option that will allow you to get the most out of your money. The LJXII Norse is a dress watch that will earn its place in the office as well as on the dining table, with its elegant square case and vintage-style Milanese bracelet. Timex's popular retro quartz watch first debuted in a stainless steel Pepsi bezel combination and became a resounding success for the company.

Reminiscent of Rolex's classic “Root Beer GMT Master”, this retro quartz watch features a two-tone black and brown 12-hour bezel that is capable of tracking two time zones simultaneously. The Cartier Tank is one of the most classic dress watch designs of all time, and it truly sings in gold. Just as stainless steel looks different on different skin tones, rose gold and yellow gold watches match the skin differently. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, or even know that you are sensitive to copper in particular, it may not be ideal to opt for a rose gold watch.

That said, if you feel that the watch may look eye-catching at an important business meeting, for example, then you shouldn't wear it. But despite the enormous popularity of steel, there is still a place in a modern gold watch collection. If you have sensitive skin, you may wonder if yellow gold or rose gold is best for sensitive skin or metal allergies. There are a lot of gold watches on the market, but as you might have guessed, not all of them are made with real gold.

It involves applying a microscopically thin layer of gold to a base metal (usually steel when made with watches), giving the appearance of gold without having to use a lot of gold material.

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