What parts of watches are gold?

This applies to both mechanical and electronic watches. The case can be made of plastic, ceramic or metal; fine watches usually use gold, silver, platinum or rhodium. Precious metals have been part of watchmaking since the beginning of watchmaking. Gold in all its forms yellow, white, pink and red has been a crucial material for several parts of the watch.

The most common place where you'll find gold is the watch case. Until the beginning of the 20th century, gold was, in general, the most popular case material. While 18-carat gold remains the metal of choice in luxury watches, the entry of steel, titanium, platinum and ceramic watches has offered watch enthusiasts a wide range of options. The use of this scratch-resistant material is particularly suitable in applications where a watch frequently comes into contact with shocks, impacts or scratches.

The growing number of stainless steel watches also reflects the evolution of the overall style and purpose of the watch. For watches that are made of gold, you'll need to see how many carats of gold that watch is made of. We're not going to get into the nitty-gritty of the parts inside a watch in this post, but it's good to know that the inside of a watch as a whole is called a movement. For several years, luxury watches were made of solid gold and that was the reference metal for watch manufacturers.

The crown of a watch is similar to the main temperature controller of your thermostat, while the push button is more like the buttons you can use to set specific temperature programs. Even if it's just so you can tell, the crown of my watch is jammed, instead, The little knob on the side of my watch won't turn, the next time you go to your jeweler for a repair. Gold-plated watches can be considered as the immediate replica of the gold casing and are manufactured in a similar manner. Gold can be found on the case, dial, watch hands, hour markers, and even some parts of the strap.

In the 19th century, gold was used inside clock bridges, gears, and other internal mechanisms because of its resistance to corrosion. Well-known manufacturers of solid gold watches include Gucci, Rado, Hublot, Omega and Longines La Grande. Since the “carats” of gold describe the amount of gold versus other metals in a watch, the different numbers are there to give you an approximation of that amount of gold. Because they are slightly less expensive compared to solid gold watches and more attractive when compared to gold-plated watches, gold-wrapped watches will provide you with a wider scope of use.

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