Where does versace make their watches?

In terms of how Versace watches are made and who makes them, proper craftsmanship is a big problem. That's why they make sure that all Versace watches are manufactured in Switzerland only by master watchmakers. All Versace watches are made in Switzerland, recognized as the world's best watch manufacturer for decades. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

Please activate it so that you can enjoy the full capabilities of this site. Do you need help? Contact our customer service team at +1-888-721-7219 for exclusive events, collections and news. You have successfully signed up for updates. All Versace watches are made of durable elements, thanks to which you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

While Versace timekeepers, which look good, can match any brand, comparing them to Rolex is the definition of drilling over weight. Strong, bold and beautiful, Versace watches are the ultimate expression of the brand's signature aesthetic. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Versace watches use quartz calibers that can be found in much cheaper brands. Palazzo Versace, the first hotel project branded by a luxury goods company, was inaugurated, giving tourists and travelers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the full Versace lifestyle.

The timekeepers in the V-Metal Icon collection attract instant attention thanks to the centrally located Versace Medusa. After taking over as creative director, one of her first steps was to create a Versace watch collection. The new ADV focuses on the identity of Versace and its heritage that dates back to the ancient Greek world. Another trusted retailer of Versace watches is Jomashop, one of the largest online fashion watch stores %26 in the United States.

Although the watches look great and wearing “Versace” on the wrist is very prestigious, anyone considering the purchase should keep in mind that Versace is not a watch company but a fashion powerhouse. Even if you're not a fashion buff, chances are you've heard of one of the world's most recognizable fashion brands, Versace. They are synonymous with luxury and the DNA of the Versace brand, always in search of high quality and fashion trends. Yes, Versace is considered a rich brand, since it is a luxury fashion brand that not everyone can buy, since it is exclusive and gives status.

The best part is that no matter which Versace watch model you choose, it will come with sapphire crystal, the most scratch-resistant material available. Versace has made clothes for some celebrities and clients such as Michael Jackson, and has also designed Elton John's outfits for the stage and album cover.

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